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Data & Security

“How can I protect my computer?” “Is my data safe?”

At Antares, we often hear these questions and always emphasize the importance of implementing proper file storage and backup systems. It is better to be prepared with the proper systems to keep your equipment safe in the case of an emergency than it is to potentially lose your files and suffer the losses associated with ”down-time”.



Backup & Recovery

  • Taking measures to ensure your files are backed up properly is the first step to protect yourself from losing valuable information. If by chance you do find yourself needing to unexpectedly recover your files, having a proper data restoration system in place can save you significant restoration time.

Surge Protection & Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

  • Unfortunately, in Nova Scotia, unplanned power outages, and “drops” or “spikes” in power are not uncommon. Having a UPS in place can save you from losing your files and help protect valuable equipment. Antares can analyze your current set up, and implement protection for your IT infrastructure against unexpected down-time.

Security Best Practices

  • Other than having your equipment prepared for unexpected threats or down-time, it’s important that the user of the computer is also equipped with preventative measures to keep your information safe and your computer secure. Antares provides training and insight into the tools you already have so you are able to use them properly, and avoid the potential of having to implement an emergency recovery.

Antivirus and Malware Protection

  • It’s important to have a working computer system, but equally important is keeping that equipment safe. Antares takes every preventative measure to asses and ensure your computer is properly protected from threats that you may encounter.