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Network & Software Solutions

We understand that staying connected and secure is essential to productivity. We begin with proper network planning and design and build the network with quality components. This allows your network and the software running over your network to remain functional and secure. Our objective is to remove the headaches caused by poorly performing networks and software so that you can focus your energies on running your business and not on managing its IT infrastructure.



Small- and Medium-Sized Computer Networks

  • We setup, upgrade and perform maintenance to small and medium sized computer networks. We work with your data servers, NAS, data backup, network switches, routers, client computers, printers, scanners and WLAN access points to organize and expediate your network.

Wi-Fi Networks

  • We can solve common WIFI issues such as intermittency, lack of signal coverage, range capabilities and dependability with a range of solutions. We create and install WIFI systems that best fit your individual requirements, and provide recommendations to keep your network running smoothly and secure.

Data Storage and Backup Systems

  • Network attached storage devices are commonly available for set up and configuration within small to medium-sized networks. We also provide maintenance services to these data storage and backup systems.

Software: Application Programming with Microsoft Office

  • Antares creates simple templates for Microsoft Word and Excel to automatically insert creation dates and predefined text fragments into new documents for your convenience. We also can develop more complex functions such as table calculations and database retrieval functions.