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Training & Consulting

While technology has introduced tremendous new opportunities, it is often the lack of knowledge of using the technology which creates missed opportunities or a loss of efficiencies that could be realized.

Our experience, expertise and credentials not only allow us to help customers with their computers and related IT infrastructure, but also to provide knowledge resources in using software and technology more effectively. We can help you understand the basics and importance of computers, and the role they can play in enhancing your work and life.


On-Site Training

  • We can optimize your business process by training your employees to utilize programs, computers and software that appertain to your business. We provide solutions using the tools you already have on your computer to teach you how to use existing software solutions properly, such as the Microsoft Office Suite and other common applications.

Engineering Consulting (Electronics, IT)

  • Antares provides consulting services for system design, selection of adequate technologies, and principles of function.

Industry Educational Consultant (Electronics, IT)

  • Antares has the capacity to deliver technical-focused programs to share insight and knowledge related to the information technology sector.

Security Best Practices

  • All the technology in the world can’t protect systems from insecure user habits! At Antares we can provide staff training on security best practices, such as passwords, software use, online activity, file separation and more. This training can help keep your information safe and your organization more efficient.